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At DynaRisk, our mission is to help you stay safe online and reap all the benefits of the Internet. Protecting your digital life is hard, we make it easy. We understand that everyone has a different level of cyber risk, big businesses don’t.

DynaRisk is based in London

We are excited to be based in London, the startup capital of Europe. London’s status as a hub for talent, capital and customers makes it an ideal place to grow a business.

Management Team

Andrew Martin

Founder & CEO

Rosh Saran


John Reilly


Paul Finnigan

Commercial Director

Advisory Team

Adrian Leppard, QPM

Dr. Konstantinos Thalassinos, PhD

Yasmin Martin

Nyall Jacobs

Martin Donoghue

Cyber London

Our Story

The Beginning

Andrew teaches himself how to hack in his parent’s basement in Canada. He quickly realises he would be better off getting a real job than getting a knock on the door from the police.


The Beginning

Andrew gets a job as a cyber investigator to protect a bank and its clients from hackers. He drops worldwide spam by 30%, uncovers state sponsored hacking, recovers millions of dollars in stolen credit cards and becomes one of the top 150 security experts in the world according to the SANS Institute.


The Beginning

While both working in the security team at the same bank, Andrew & Yasmin meet, get married and move to London, United Kingdom. Andrew moves into management and Yasmin gets a job as a security consultant, helping companies protect themselves from cyber threats.


The Idea & Prototype

Yasmin has The Idea while consulting. She tells Andrew that companies were spending lots of money on protecting themselves, but the average person was left the fend for themselves. Andrew starts figuring out how to build a system that assesses a person’s level of cyber risk and tell them what to do about it.


DynaRisk, starting out

Realising this could be a business, Andrew leaves his job as Senior Director of IT Risk, Europe & Asia at a large global bank. Yasmin stays working full time, someone needs to pay the bills! Andrew finds developers to build the system and pays them from savings. DynaRisk entered Cyber London, Europe’s first Cyber Security Accelerator. First clients start using the beta version of DynaRisk. Raised investment from angel investors. Hired Rosh Saran as Chief Technology Officer.


DynaRisk, ramping up

Version 1 released! Interest in the system grows, 2017 is going to be a busy year.


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