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WhatsApp: surveillance software issue may open up a can of worms

WhatsApp – a free messaging service owned by Facebook – recently reported that surveillance software attack had been detected, affecting an unknown number of users. But how did the attack happen in the first place and how will it affect users?

Nest: Data breaches are leading to home security hacks

One of the common questions our cyber security experts are asked is ‘what exactly can a criminal do with my stolen information?’. Our answer? The possibilities are truly endless! Nest home security cameras are the latest discussion topic as there have been increasing reports of unusual hacker activity.

You: a Netflix drama everyone needs to see

SPOILER ALERT: if you haven’t seen ‘You’, a psychological thriller series on Netflix, look away now!

Name checks on card payments faces 18 month delay

The move to make a cardholder’s name as important as their sort code and account number may be delayed by up to 18 months, according to UK finance.

What can a hacker do with your stolen information?

Understanding how a hacker can use your data is useful, especially if you want to know how to protect yourself online. Do you know what happens if your personal information is leaked? Or how to check if your information has already been leaked in breaches from sites like Netflix, MyFitnessPal or Marriott? DynaRisk’s free dark web scanning tool can help.

Over 982 million records exposed by email validation company

When GDPR regulations were enforced, many of us were left thinking that our data would finally be respected and used only as specifically outlined. But in one of the latest data leaks containing over two billion records, evidence shows we have a long way to go when it comes to regulating how our data is shared.

5 ways to keep your family safe online

Cyber related crime costs UK victims £190,000 a day (source: The City of London Police) and as our lives become exponentially more ‘digital’, that figure is set to increase.

What is the Dark Web?

Cyber security companies will often refer to the ‘Dark Web’ but what exactly IS it, and how can it affect you?

What is social engineering?

Social engineering scams are constantly evolving which can make protecting yourself difficult – but not impossible. The key is to educate yourself and be aware of new threats and trends.